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Sep 01, 2007



Ruh Roh... linky no worky Ree Ree!


Keeps taking me to something "parked free by


Maybe it doesn't like me? **sniff sniff**

Earth Girl

I think your URL got usurped, Ree.

Joan Sillito

It's not working for me, Ree. And I want it fixed. Now. How can I get through my day without being able to find you?!


Not working for me either...:(


Dittoing everyone else...the address won't work for me.


Was that a trick up your sleeve?


I'm starting to panic!

What's a day without my Pioneer Woman laughs?!?!?!??


Thank God for Willowtree...I would have never found you.


How strange. I've never used the typepad URL to get here. I've always typed "" and it's taken me to the non-typepad URL. I actually have you in my feed reader, so I don't "come here" any more. But I tried it today out of curiosity and also got the GoDaddy holder page. I wouldn't have known about the typepad URL if it wasn't in this post (in my feed reader).


Whew.....for a moment there I thought perhaps you had installed a secret handshake to the club and I was the only one not given the code. Glad to see that others have been left out in the cold (ok, out in the stinking heat). Soooooooo.....what test of initiation do I need to pass to be allowed into the club?

Pioneer Woman

Hey, guys---wanna hear something funny? I can't get on the site either! Hahahaha.

Actually, it's just propogating across the world wide web right now and CAN take up to 24 to 48 hours to fully resolve. So by Sunday night, it should be good to go.

I'll betcha I'm the last one that'll be able to pull it up! :)

joann in Texas

so we'll all see you sunday night then, right?

till then, enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!


I panicked this morning when the original site wouldn't work--went to the go daddy page, too; googled "pioneer woman, ree, marlboro man" and ended up being able to follow ind. post links to the original site to see your message, but like everyone else, the go daddy page comes up again. I'm with the others...HOW do I get through my day with checking up on the daily life of REE and her family... LOL Good luck with the new site, Ree. I anxiously await your witty thoughts and outlooks on things!


Go Daddy stole your domain honey...sick Marlboro Man on them. Or the dog, or bettr yet that cow with the mad eyes....

katy myers

Drving me nuts....everyone else I talk to sees the new site, I get that stupid godaddy. I'm going to quit trying for awhile or I may throw my computer.


I can get there. Take the www out of the link, and go to and you'll get right where you want to be. :)

I do think there's some sort of glitch though... search engines show a cached page of Ree's Blog on so hopefully both will work tomorrow.


If anyone can see it comment the ip address at my blog by clicking through my name. I've been wondering all day and can understand the above stated concern about the secret hand shake. I thought it was a sick joke. I'm a loser! ;)


Thank God I'm not the only one!!!


Yeah I keep getting the GoDaddy page too since last week, I've never come here via the typepad URL either, always via the main domain.

Actually most of the time I come via RSS anyway.

After checking I can see the new site now, yay!


I miss checking your site so much. It just does not work for me. I have IE if that matters. HELP!!!


I still can't get it:( This is frustrating. Is it an East Coast thing?


Ok now it's working...........


I've never been able to get through to the new site - I guess I've been a little too patient. Is anyone else still having problems? Are you still checking this, ree?


wow ))
its very point of view.
Nice post.
realy good post

thank you ;)

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